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New Lawyer Accelerator Program

New Lawyer Accelerator Program

Do you employ new lawyers? Save yourself training time with the New Lawyer Accelerator Program

About the program

Lawcover sees claims arising from failure to properly supervise new lawyers, either because senior lawyers are overstretched or because remote working makes training more ad hoc. With workload demands to manage, senior lawyers often resort to training on the run, squeezing in time and dealing with whatever happens to come up in the practice.

That’s why the New Lawyer Accelerator Program has been developed, to provide new lawyers with consistent training on basic practical legal skills like taking instructions from clients, preparing briefs to counsel or managing workloads.

The program provides 20 hours of quality training, assisting partners and senior lawyers teach basic skills to new lawyers, leaving them free to focus on teaching them specific skills and providing individualised supervision.

By focusing on training new lawyers in essential, practical skills that they’ll need to carry out their work effectively and professionally, it means that you can:

Save Time

Save your time through online delivery of 20 hours of basic skills training

Accelerate Learning

Accelerate learning with training that answers key questions and helps new lawyers acquire core practical skills

Easier and More Effective

Make new lawyer training easier and more effective by following a structured, step-by-step format

Minimise Errors

Minimise errors, misunderstandings and mistakes

Reduce Write Offs

Quality training means clearer understanding, improved productivity, and reduced learning curve write offs

Lawcover is delighted to offer access to the program at the special discounted price of $1,125 per registrant.

Use the discount code LAWCOVER25

About Susan Marie Hill

Susan is a lawyer with over 35 years of experience and a qualified coach. She identified a training gap for new lawyers who lacked practical skills needed in their daily work. To address this, she created the New Lawyer Accelerator Program, which offers new lawyers a comprehensive resource for learning essential everyday tasks from an experienced senior lawyer.

Susan’s approach is practical, down-to-earth, and includes real-life scenarios to teach new lawyers effectively. Her goal is to help new lawyers develop practical skills right from day one, reducing the stress of trial and error in their legal practice.


The training begins with a basic level of practical skills to match the daily sorts of tasks that a new lawyer will be undertaking when they first join a law practice, and then builds on those skills throughout the program.

The program shows new lawyers how to do the typical or ‘everyday’ tasks of a new lawyer, including law practice protocols and processes. Things like:

- How to complete time sheets correctly; keeping track of billable hours & budgets
- The process for preparing a brief to a barrister
- Organising, preparing for and attending meetings and conferences
- Opening and closing client files; taking files home; using original documents
- Practical tips for preparing for a court appearance or instructing a barrister in court
- How to handle telephone enquiries; taking instructions; communicating with clients
- Prioritising workload demands; how to organise information; working on your own

If you’re a senior practitioner who’s already stretched to the limit, then you know how hard it can be to find time to properly train a new lawyer. Instead of you having to provide training on the run, squeezing in time and dealing with whatever happens to come up, you can rely on the New Lawyer Accelerator Program to provide the preliminary, basic training leaving you free to make the best use of your supervision time fine-tuning techniques, answering specific questions and providing individual instruction to the new lawyer.

The New Lawyer Accelerator Program is available for you to register right now. Use the discount code LAWCOVER25 to access the program at a discounted price of $1,125 per registrant. Click here to register.


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Resources exceeding 100+ checklists, precedents and guidelines


Additional bonus webinars for developing, building and expanding skillsets


Top Ten

Complete set of Top Ten Tips with concise key takeaways from each module

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Quick Quiz to complete at the end of every module for instant self-assessment