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Recovering from a breach

Recovering from a breach and educating staff

If your law firm has experienced a breach it is important to follow the recovery process outlined below. Identify what is lost and the extent of the damage. This is the first step because the data/information stolen will directly determine your next step. Ensure that you document – when it happened, how it will affect customers and suppliers, what assets were impacted and the type of attack.

Protect Your Firm

Lawcover provides a group cyber risk policy to its insured practices free of charge. This policy provides you with cover up to $50,000. Click here to view the policy wording

Ensure you have the right level of cyber risk insurance for your law practice. This can help you recover from a data breach quickly and effectively and may assist with costs recovering from a future loss event.

This can help you recover from a data breach quickly and may assist with protecting you from future losses.

Educate yourself and your staff

Educate employees about keeping strong passwords and passphrases, identifying and avoiding cyber threats, what to do during an attack, and how to report a cyber threat. Conduct training or tabletop exercises. Consider multi-factor authorisations.

Click here to register for Lawcover’s complimentary Risk Online “Cyber Claims in Legal Practice” eLearning module.

Inform yourself

Watch our informative Cyber Risk Videos

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Educate Staff

Complete the Cyber Risk eLearning Module

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