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Lawyers Management Liability

What is management liability?

There are unique risks involved in running a legal practice over and above providing legal services to clients.

Whether it’s a client falling and injuring themselves on loose carpet at your premises or an employee claiming for unfair dismissal, incidents, accidents and breaches can lead to claims against your law practice.

This is where our Lawyers Management Liability policy can provide vital cover to help protect your practice.

How can you protect your law practice?

Lawyers Management Liability insurance is an optional insurance available to assist you in responding to everyday risks associated with managing a law practice. Lawcover’s Lawyers Management Liability policy delivers a tailored suite of insurance covers which, in conjunction with your professional indemnity policy, provide broad protection.

Why Lawcover is offering this type of cover?

  • Our years of experience in servicing the professional indemnity needs of lawyers have revealed the need for additional insurance protections.
  • While a wide variety of insurance policies exist, typically they are general in nature and haven’t been designed specifically for law practices.
  • Lawyers Management Liability insurance works together with Professional Indemnity cover to
    provide broad protection for everyday legal practice business risks.
  • Our proven claims management and claims prevention services are ready to be deployed to
    these additional risk areas and covers.
  • Professional Indemnity insurance alone can leave law practices exposed to unexpected claims associated with operating a legal practice that fall outside the scope of that policy.

For More Information

Lawyers Management Liability Insurance Brochure