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How Your Claim Will Be Managed

Lawcover’s claims management philosophy is simple:

  • We will rigorously defend unmeritorious negligence claims, but;
  • Clients who have suffered loss as a result of the demonstrable negligence of their solicitors will be compensated for that loss as quickly as possible.

What should I do if a claim is made or threatened against my law practice?

  • Do not ignore it. Many actual or potential claims can be managed successfully if they are dealt with quickly.
  • Upon receipt of your notification, Lawcover will open a file and allocate it to one of the Lawcover Claims Solicitors.
  • If you have notified a claim then Lawcover will generally exercise its right under the Insurance Policy to assume the conduct of the defence of that claim on your behalf. Unlitigated claims are usually investigated and managed in-house by Lawcover claims solicitors. Litigated claims are referred to one of Lawcover’s external panel solicitors who are experienced in defending professional negligence claims against solicitors.
  • If you have notified circumstances that may give rise to a claim, the claims solicitor will consider what, if any, immediate action needs to be taken. If the possibility of a claim against you is unlikely then no action will probably be required. We will simply ask you to keep us informed of any developments, keep the file under review and then close it when it appears clear that no claim will, in fact, eventuate. The file can always be re-opened if a subsequent claim is made.
  • It should be noted that years can sometimes elapse between the notification of circumstances and the actual claim being made against you. It is therefore important to consider what steps should be taken to preserve critical evidence, such as the file.

If you have any queries about your claim, please telephone Lawcover on (02) 9264 8855 and ask to speak to a Claims Solicitor. We will advise you on the progress of your claim.

For further information, please download our brochure “Information for solicitors facing a Professional Indemnity claim”.