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Your Practice − Four Essential Questions

We discuss the importance of having a risk management strategy for your legal practice. This includes the four essential questions that every legal practice owner should ask in order to reduce general risks and in particular, the risk of claims.

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Cyber Risk – The Facts

What cyber risks are relevant to your legal practice and what can you do about it?
We discuss recent cyber claims, why and how solicitors have become targets and what can be done to secure your legal practice against cyber-attack.

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Practice Financials – The Power of the Dollar

For a legal practice to thrive, good financial management is key.
We examine the link between poor financial management and professional negligence claims, and what can be done to minimise the likelihood of problems occurring while working towards a more profitable and successful law practice.

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Practice Management Issues

Lawcover shares lessons from 10 years of law firm visits and examines the recurring risk issues and key aspects of legal practice management that commonly give rise to claims, how you can better understand your practice systems and what you can do to improve operations and minimise risk.

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Getting the Message Across

Are you confident that misunderstandings or false assumptions could not arise between yourself and your client?

We discuss recent cases which highlight the importance of clear client communication, how and why these situations occur and what can be done to manage the risk in your legal practice.

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Mental Health

Lawyers are faced with unique, rewarding and sometimes confronting circumstances in every day legal practice. Our “Mental Health” podcast considers these challenges and the impact they can have on individual health and how to recognise warning signs, reducing risk to lawyers, their staff and their practice.

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