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Archives for 2018

The Cost of Defamation

Sometimes it’s the simplest of actions that can expose a solicitor to a defamation claim.

We discuss recent claims in the area and examine why solicitors are at risk, how they can become exposed to claims and what precautions they can take to control the risk within their practice.

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Changes in Conveyancing

Conveyancing is one of the largest areas of legal practice and it is changing.We discuss these changes along with cases, current issues and recent developments in conveyancing and how this relates to risk in everyday legal practice.

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Getting the Message Across

Are you confident that misunderstandings or false assumptions could not arise between yourself and your client?

We discuss recent cases which highlight the importance of clear client communication, how and why these situations occur and what can be done to manage the risk in your legal practice.

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Testamentary Capacity

Are you unsure if your client has capacity to make a will? What should you do?

We examine key cases surrounding testamentary capacity and practical measures that solicitors can take to ensure the risk is minimised and that the client’s will has the best chance of being upheld in a capacity challenge.

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