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Archives for 2020

Employment Risks in the Aftermath of Claims

The aftermath of a claim is a prime opportunity to explore changes to a law practice, particularly issues around employees whose conduct might have contributed to the claim.

Show Notes:

In this episode, guests Alex Haslam and Sarah Wood discuss systems around good employee supervision and the creation of ethical law firm cultures. They also discuss ways to approach disciplining or dismissing employees whose conduct is not meeting the firm’s expectations, and the employment law risks which arise from disciplinary action.

Cases discussed Legal Services Commissioner v Ibidapo Olayemi [2019] VCAT 1283

For law practices wanting insurance for employment related claims, information about Lawcover’s Lawyers Management Liability Policy can be found here:

Lawyers Management Liability

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Remote Working – Employment Issues

When running a legal practice what are your obligations as an employer when it comes to working remotely?
We discuss the risks, what is reasonably practicable and how you can minimise the risk to yourself, the legal practice and your employees to ensure a safe and effective work environment for everyone.
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Remote Working – Mitigating Risk

As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, we look at the unique challenges that solicitors and law practices face as they transition to a remote working environment and evolving work arrangements. What are the potential risk implications for your practice? We discuss how systems, processes, clients and employees are impacted and how you can best minimise the risk of a professional negligence claim during these times of uncertainty.

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Family Provision

In family provision litigation there are points where your exposure to risk increases. Knowing where these danger points lie can make all the difference.
We examine the stages of family provision litigation and the points at which a solicitor is most exposed to risk. We examine how and why each risk point arises and what you can do to manage it.
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